Hohoho currently i’m in Muara Laboh, about 4hrs driving from Padang, West Sumatera for logging PT (Pressure and Temperature), Discharge Test (to obtain well capacity, how much MWe that can be produced) and Geochemistry (to obtain better understanding of fluid enthalpy, which is related with well capacity). A day before i went to padang, i went to Bandung, enrolled my young brother for his school.

Actually it was a pretty quick trip. Went in the morning and came back in the afternoon. I’m not alone at all, there was my friend, Ichsan who gave me the information regarding boarding school in Bandung. He is the guy who took me to the location as well. The school name is An Najiyyah, located in Gedebage, Bandung.

On the map, it was pretty simple to find, on the actual it was not. Finally after fighting one hour straight on his motorcycle, we found the school. Actually it’s quite near with underconstraction Stadion. There are some reasons why i prefer boarding school for my brother, and the most important consideration is because the social environment we lived doesn’t support somebody to be strong, open minded and to be fighter. That’s what i felt.

Of course, since Islam understanding is much more important than anything (in my opinion), therefore i prefer to pick Pesantren with regular academic. InsyaAllah it would fit him. I’m not trying to make him to be like me who had separated from my family. What i really wanted is to protect him and show him that the opportunity outside has no end. I mean the opportunity to develop personality, etc.

Hopefully my schedule fits with his test schedule, so i can go with him on 9th of March. Another thing is, i really hope that this school will be his second home when he can learn something positive that i didn’t have. That’s all i can do...

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