Alhamdulillah, currently my brother is accepted at Al Ma’tuq. The school concept is similiar to An Najiyah, except Al Ma’tuq is older than An Najiyah, so does the management. Al Ma’tuq is also located in Sukabumi, pretty near compare with An Najiyah. I accidentally found its website a day before my brother went for a test at An Najiyah. I asked about Al Ma’tuq when i went there for my brother’s test and they said that Al Ma’tuq is a good school.

Soon after we finished, i enrolled him and my mom prepared all the requirements (documents, etc). A week later, my brother had writing test. Another week later, he passed the test Alhamdulillah. Just today he also finished the re-registration.

What becomes important point is the passing standard. The students must memorize Al Qur’an with minimum requirement 6 juz. Another thing, the students must be able to speak and give speech in Arabic and English. My goal is to help my brother to continue his study abroad, especially in middle east country. Regardless his interest to a specific subject (economic, engineering, etc), what most important is to have basic Islam with Al Qur’an, Sunnah and understanding of previous ‘ulama as we called salafus shalih. 

Be an engineer with Al Qur'an, be an economist with Al Qur'an, be an expert with Al Qur'an. 

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