Alhamdulillah, finally i have time to write something about people particularly my coworkers. There are friends in my office who inspire me and sometimes i feel like nothing compare to them. I’m serious. Okay, one my friend that i got envy of is Rudy.

He is my junior in the same department, yet his brain is powerful especially when it comes to programming. I believe it was just about two months joining in the company, he did good job, he made some programs using macro excel, excel functions, that i couldn’t imagine. Well, i envy because i can’t do that to be honest. Yet, he is a simple person and sometimes got bullied, literally not bullied, he is funny and cool person. Good job bro, i wish i could do programming stuff like you did.

The second person is my senior, from the same department when i was in the university. His name is Jantiur. He is also a powerful person particularly in reservoir simulation. He is a senior reservoir engineer with strong background of thermodynamics, physics and stuff like that. When discussion comes, it was like i’m nothing T_T.

The third person, i just noticed earlier these days, he is younger than me but we’re not in the same department. He is geologist and his name is Wildan. He is a well motivated person, family focused and good person. He stay on what he believes, the good thing is he choose the right way. Sometimes he gave me an adivice even he is younger than me.

Well, it is good to know what is inside people rather than just know a little bit. Because from my perspective, when i know somebody, i mean really know compare to other, i get comfortable. At least, hat’s what i feel. 

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